Aug 26, 2022 • 2HR 0M

The rewards of determination, dedication, support, and wisdom

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A Compass for Founders and Achievers Charting Their Course in Business and Life.

Twelve years after Greg Thompson started his company, it took off. Fifteen years after that, his insurance brokerage grew fivefold in premiums. His profits exploded. 

“Did you ever think of shutting down your business and doing something else during those twelve years?” I asked Greg. 


But Greg persevered.

It is so important to learn from Greg about being a successful entrepreneur. The perseverance, loyalty, support of his wife, and continuous learning that he exhibited led to a precious enterprise. And when the time came, he knew it was time to sell.

If you are thinking about or currently operating a service business.

If you are had a big dream for your life, and you are coming up short.

If you are staying loyal to your commitment to your cofounders and investors but are not sure where it is all leading.

This interview is filled with answers, insights, and encouragement. There is so much wisdom shared in this conversation. 

Listen and be rewarded for the time you invest