Jul 15, 2021 • 2HR 10M

27. It’s time. I am an entrepreneur!

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A Compass for Founders and Achievers Charting Their Course in Business and Life.

Karen Houghton set the culture at Atlanta Tech Village. She was there right after David Cummings bought the building and had the vision for a startup community. Karen, working with David Lightburn, set a culture of innovation and community service. 

Karen is a great leader!

She supported hundreds of entrepreneurs who started and built big businesses at the Village. She recruited them, found them just the right space, promoted them, and connected them. Now it is her turn.

Karen is now an entrepreneur. She is the founder of Infinite Giving. They help nonprofits invest, endow, and liquidate stocks easily with software that automates their investment strategy and grows their giving.

She’s attracted great investors and an amazing co-founder. And now the fun begins.

In this conversation, Karen shares how she moved from a career in industrial psychology to being at the crossroads of Atlanta tech startups. And now, she is an entrepreneur.