May 27, 2021 • 1HR 35M

21. Die with Zero by Bill Perkins

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A Compass for Founders and Achievers Charting Their Course in Business and Life.

In this show, Chris Dardaman and I discuss the book, Die with Zero by Bill Perkins.

This book caught me while I am in a transition phase of my life. I asked Chris Dardaman, a friend and private investor, to give it a read and then discuss it with me. 

I chose Chris because he was the founder of Brightworth, a wealth management firm with $4.5B under management. Five years ago, he decided to leave the firm after his wife, Laura, told him, “Your creativity and energy is no longer in the company you founded.”

This put Chris on a transition path much like mine. Chris is ten years my junior, but he dealt with many people like me in his wealth management practice. 

This segment is an opportunity for you to sit in on a revealing conversation. In this conversation, Chris and I share our struggles with transition, using the book’s ideas on how to live rich versus die rich.

I hope you enjoy this transparent conversation.