Jan 14, 2021 • 56M

2. Building the First Stage of the Sales Process

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I’m very pleased to bring you this conversation with my son, Nick Paparelli. Nick is on the path to becoming a software sales rep. I've watched him learn how to target a prospect, cold-call, qualify, and move the prospect along. He is not yet an entrepreneur like my other guests. Instead, I thought it would be beneficial for entrepreneurs to hear lessons learned from the trenches.  No theory here, just practice. I hope you enjoy it half as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Nick is a business development rep, BDR, with New Relic (Symbol: NEWR) Nick started his sales career as a BDR with a professional services company, Cloudreach. After they sold to a private equity firm, Nick moved to the big leagues by joining New Relic. He is early in his sales career, aiming to become an account executive in the next twelve months. He is calling on F100 executives with the goal of finding qualified opportunities. In this interview, Nick shares his journey and what he learned. 

This conversation is all about recruiting, hiring, and managing business development reps. Entrepreneurs will be well-served in watching this. Nick and I also talk about starting a sales career, effective sales management, hitting sales targets and maximizing your plan, building relationships, software sales executives, life vision, and setting a path for life. 

If you are interested in contact Nick with questions or opportunities contact him on his LinkedIn page. https://www.linkedin.com/in/npaparelli/